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Distcalculator.com is a main website to calculate distance between cities or places where you would like to travel. Calculating distance means to know from where you start your journey and where will you finish it. Tools like Distance calculator mainly are used by people who like travel. Travelers use this website to make calculations for their trips around the world. This website enables every user to know road or flight duration between two places, flight or road distance and even walking and bike distances from around the world.

It’s very easy to use our website as it is written very simply. Because of simplicity and importance of websites like Distcalculator.com, we have wide range of users, starting with the travelers and ending with the just taxi drivers. For example Taxi drivers use our website when they don’t know some place in or outside of the city but their passenger need to go there.

Distcalculator is not a tool only for calculating distances between cities, this website also helps people to calculate gas or fuel consumption for the specific trip or distance. Gas consumption is calculated using average car options, requirements and of course it’s depend on distance, road and car conditions, fuel quality and so many other details.

Using this website you can calculate not only gas consumption, distance two between places, flight or road distance, but even average price of gas which you will need during the route. To make this option available we use Javascript code and with the help of distance, gas consumption and average fuel price we calculate price for gas for the full trip.

Distance calculations

Kilometres Miles Nautical miles
100 km 62.1371 mi 53.9957 Nautical miles